Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Looking for Adventure

Yo! Luis was off all last week and it was good. Real good. We had good weather and good family time. We spent all morning in our pyjama's and I took a nap everyday. What is it about afternoon naps anyway? They are so rejuvenating and I was literally part of my bed. I can't tell you how much I needed it. I'm really going to miss those naps this week.

We took off on Thursday for a little family adventure. We hopped in the car with no destination in mind, we just drove. The sun was shining for most of the day and we had the windows rolled down. Whether it was the salty sea air or the smell of sweet grass and flowers, the air smelled amazing. For the most part we stayed along the coastline--passing sheep and highland cows along the way. I just can't get enough of the North Sea. We were driving up by Cruden Bay where the coastline is all rocky and glorious. The water is this beautiful shade of clear aqua and I was practically willing a little puffin to make an appearance.

We first pulled over in Stirling Village at Buchan Ness Lighthouse {aka Boddam Lighthouse}. Isn't it charming?! I think it's the red stripe. It is the easterly most point in Scotland. A bit of useless trivia for you. On the rocks in the distance were seagulls by the masses. I imagine they were just enjoying the sunshine and being with their friends. It looked like a hangout spot or something. The air smelled sweet and salty all at once.

As we were driving I told Luis about an old ruined castle I was sure was in the area. Luis turned onto an obscure road and in the distance was Slain's Castle. Doesn't it look creepy?! Legend says that author Bram Stoker stayed a night here and used this castle as inspiration for his novel Dracula.

The long road to the castle is paved with broken seashells. I can't help but wonder how old they are! It added to the eerie vibe of the place.

When we finally got to the castle there were signs everywhere to keep out. It wasn't safe anymore to go inside. I'd read that people have plummeted to their deaths off the cliff's the castle sits on. I stayed safely on the outside of the castle but around every corner I felt a story brewing. Tales of forbidden love, corrupt priests and ghosts roaming the halls. Oh and the dresses. I could see the dresses in all their glory. Yards and yards of silk and lace. This castle has so much drama. I could feel it.


Along this rocky coastline are several sea caves where the seal and puffin seek refuge from the wild sea. They make their home here during the summer months. The next nice weekend will have us seeking out those caves I assure you!

^^We took a walk on the sandy beach of Cruden Bay. The village is quaint and I think I need to spend more time here. Bram Stoker later used this very village as the setting for The Mystery of the Sea. It is also the setting for The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley which I have heard is very good. I think I'm going to need to read these books.

The day was a success and I'm looking forward to the next!

The end.


  1. How interesting are all those seashells!

  2. What a great weekend! I love having no destination in mind and finding something so cool and interesting! I love old castles. PS the Winter Sea is SO good. I think you would like it. I knew that castle name sounded familiar!

  3. Looks like a beautiful day out! The Winter Sea was a really great book and definitely worth a read! It's cool to actually see the castle in your photos after having read the book :)

  4. Whoa look at those cliffs! I have yet to get myself to Aberdeenshire, but it is on the list!

  5. I went there two weeks ago, and I found it just beautiful ! I'm a french aupair in Aberdeen and I fell in love with this city and the country. I'm supposed to go back in France in July but I really hope I'll come back and live here in few years !

  6. The Winter Sea is in my top favorites,… if not my FAVORITE. The minute I saw your pics, I knew it had to be Cruden Bay. I have that place on my WILL DO list. I am one of those total immersion kind of readers. :) . I need to check out The Mystery of the Sea

  7. Thanks for tour and being our tour guide. I must read The Winter Sea now.

  8. Hi Mary, do you know if it's easy to go to Cruden Bay by bus?
    Lovely pics! x

    1. I have absolutely no idea Dani! I wish I did! If you got to the ticket office at the bus station at Union Square mall I'm sure they'd be able to tell you. It has been my experience the bus system really does go everywhere here. I'm sure they could at least get you pretty close!