Thursday, 17 July 2014

Wild Dolphins

Last week Sebastian and I met a nice older man in the library elevator and he asked if we'd seen the dolphins yet. No, we haven't. I've been trying to catch a glimpse of the Aberdeen wildlife for months! He told us that the dolphins were out at Torry Battery {Aberdeen Harbour} and had been showing off for the last several days and that we should go see them. So we did!

Friday morning we headed out and sat on the cliff and waited {and waited} for the dolphins to appear. We sat and played with Sebastian and enjoyed all the amazing sunshine that was out. There were a few small groups of people waiting with us. Some with lots of camera equipment, some were just out relaxing and waiting. The It was an all together nice wait. I had brought a small picnic and toys for Sebastian and so we had a good time.

We had been waiting for almost two hours when I finally saw something. I put my camera on zoom and looked out and then there they were! Splashing and playing around. It was really something to see. Take a look!

^^yes. THAT is a puffin!

Most of our photos of the dolphins came out as just splashes. They are extremely hard to photograph. Add these wild dolphins to the list of many reasons why we love living in Aberdeen!


  1. How fun! In high school a boy I was dating broke up with me at lunch and I was so sad my mom said I could leave school for the day so a friend drove me to the beach and as we sat we started seeing a small group of dolphins splash through the waves and it lifted my spirits so much!

  2. I love dolphins - especially watching them splash around in their natural habitat :) It sounds (and looks) like a lovely afternoon adventure!